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Book a Dizziness Appointment

Before booking a dizziness appointment with us, please watch the video below to make sure we can assist you.

If you have watched the video and you feel these are your symptoms, then this is generally what happens at your appointment ...

during a vestibular assessment, we will take a detailed history, do a hearing test, check eye and head movements, assess balance and co-ordination and do positional tests. We may then do hands-on treatment and provide home exercises and education. The appointment goes for a little over one hour.

We provide a vestibular physiotherapy service for people who get vertigo (room spins), dizziness or imbalance.

Vestibular assessment costs $200 (private health fund rebates available).

We also accept a care plan from a GP for physiotherapy treatment, which you can get a rebate from Medicare after paying in full on the day.  

A list of conditions treated:

  • BPPV (crystals out of place)

  • Vestibular neuritis

  • Labyrinthitis

  • Meniere’s disease

  • Vestibular migraine

  • Cervicogenic vertigo

If you are ready to book in, please fill out your details to allow us to organise a home visit. If for any reason a home visit is not appropriate, we can see you at the Mount Hospital in the city
Please note- Initial dizziness appointment fee $200 for approx 75 minutes and is claimable on a private health fund. 
Dizziness review (if necessary) fee $140 for approx 30 minutes. 


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